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Harry Potter

HARRY-POTTERHow did you get to school today? Walk, run, ride, drive? Well Year 6 clambered aboard the Hogwarts Express and entered the magical world of Harry Potter! They strolled through the wondrous delights of Diagon Alley and crept into the deadly dungeon that is Professor Snape’s Potion room. Fizzing, bubbling, stirring and tasting disgusting liquids was the first order of the day, before some much needed relaxing and enjoyment was had in Miss Honeyduke’s delightful sweet shop.


When the sums were solved successful students were able to crawl through the bubblegum tunnel and enjoy the brain boggling treats on offer. Professor Sprout was waiting in her herbology class; microscopes at the ready with all manner of flora to dissect and explore. Then they built periscopes for peeking and discovered the magical origins of the Northern Lights. The students got into the spirit with some fantastic costumes and an outstanding attitude, thank you to everyone involved.


WARNING: A Bogart may have escaped from its dungeon we hope that no children were eaten but we are not sure.

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