The Governing Body has established a School Uniform Policy as set out in this prospectus. It clearly states that children attending the school will wear the appropriate uniform.


A New Federation Uniform and logo was introduced in September 2011.  As a school we take pride in our pupils appearance.


As a Federation we take pride in our pupils’ appearance. We see it as a clear statement of identity both inside school and when we are on educational visits away from the site. We have a smart but simple uniform that we
encourage all pupils to wear.


The Governing Body have established a policy to provide items of school uniform to parents/ carers of our children, who meet the agreed criteria. The criteria for receipt of support is based upon the award of free school meals for the parents/carers of the children. We operate a voucher system to enable you to obtain items of uniform directly. You may use these vouchers to purchase any items of uniform you wish. Details are available from the school office.


The school colours are purple and white and both Dorset Schoolwear and Dorset Embroidery & Printwear Ltd stock our school uniform.

Girls Uniform


A grey skirt, pleated or plain, or long grey tailored trousers (not jeans or bootlegs). Girls can wear either a white or purple school polo shirt, with embroidered logo.  A school sweatshirt or cardigan, with embroidered logo should also be worn.  Grey, white or black socks, or black or grey tights. Shoes should be black and low-heeled. Trainers are NOT allowed (except in games lessons).

Summer Uniform (Optional)


Purple and white check dress. Plain sandals may be worn as an alternative to shoes and again should be low-heeled and not sling-backs. Socks must be worn with sandals at all times.

Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform


Charcoal grey trousers, (not jeans).  White or purple school polo shirt, with embroidered logo. A school sweatshirt with embroidered logo. Trainers are NOT allowed except in games lessons.  Shoes should be black, and worn with grey, white or black socks.

Summer Uniform (Optional)


Tailored charcoal grey shorts. Sandals may be worn but children must wear socks.

Boys Uniform

Girls & Boys P.E Kit


Black P.E. shorts.
Plain White T-shirt or Wyke Regis School House T-shirt.
Trainers or Black plimsolls, white sports socks. During the cold weather a Black plain tracksuit is permitted. Optional Wyke Regis School Purple Hoody available to wear during P.E / Trips. Plain colour hoodies in house colours may be worn.

P.E & Games

P.E. and Games


P.E. and Games kit is best kept in a P.E. bag. Because of the very restricted space in our cloakrooms we do ask that soft fabric bags with a drawstring are used and not large sports bags made by the major sporting manufacturers.


School hooded tops in Federation purple, or House colours, may also be worn for extra warmth.


Children taking part in football, rugby and hockey clubs/matches will need to wear football boots. Shin pads are also required for football. Gum shields are required for hockey activities. `Trainer’ socks may be worn for PE activities, but not as part of the school uniform.


We ask all pupils to change their shoes and socks for P.E. and Games and do not allow pupils to use their everyday shoes for P.E. With the growing trend for expensive designer-label trainers we would encourage all parents to buy the cheaper traditional trainers and ask that all footwear is labelled with the child’s name and class.

Lost Property


With 360 children wearing similar items of clothing it is vital that all schoolwear is clearly marked. We do accumulate large amounts of unclaimed, unmarked clothing in lost property. We ask all parents/carers to help us with this problem by either using the woven name tapes or a permanent laundry marker.


When found, named `lost’ items will be returned to their `owners’. Unnamed lost items will be placed in the `Lost Property’ container kept in the Medical Room. Parents/carers and children are welcome to view the container when items are mislaid. The school cannot accept responsibility for the replacement of lost items of clothing or personal belongings.



We do not allow the wearing of jewellery in school time unless a Medic Alert/SOS Talisman is  needed.
If your child’s ears are pierced then one pair of studs only is permitted.


We adhere strictly to this rule because of the damage to ear lobes during physical activity if earrings which dangle, or have loops in them, are worn. The wearing of nail varnish and tattoos is not acceptable.  We do not allow children to bring toys to school.



The incidence of head lice is an ongoing problem that is always a case for concern amongst parents and children.


The Federation has adopted a policy for reasonable pupil hairstyles. We would greatly appreciate the support of parents/carers on this issue.


The following is not considered appropriate for school:


  • Dyed, tinted or highlighted hair
  • Long beaded strands or hair extensions
  • Any hair style considered to be extreme in nature, e.g: shaved, “mohican”, football styles
  • Large bows and hair accessories should not be worn Long hair should always be tied back.


The above guidelines apply to both boys and girls.

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