Wyke Regis CE Junior School is a Voluntary Controlled mixed school providing education to Key Stage 2 children aged between 7 and 11 years. The school is above average in size and has a maximum number of 360 pupils organised into 12 single-aged classes, with three classes per year group. As a voluntary controlled school we have close links with All Saints
Church and have developed an ethos built upon the Christian Faith.

Wyke Regis CE Junior School is a member of the Wyke Regis Primary Federation which partners it with Wyke Regis Infant School & Nursery. The schools share one Head of Federation, one Deputy Head of Federation, one Inclusion Officer and one Governing Body.  Links have been established with local Secondary schools enabling children to meet future teachers and to visit their new schools.

The school is also a member of the Chesil Education Partnership (CEP) consisting of all the schools and colleges in Weymouth & Portland. The CEP aims to develop opportunities for all learners to develop to their full potential.  The school’s catchment area extends from Lanehouse Rocks Road in the north to Rylands Lane in the east and to the boundary with Portland in the south. The majority of the intake is from our partner federation school, Wyke Regis Infant School & Nursery.

  •  To provide a caring, welcoming, stable and stimulating environment, where children have the opportunity to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so enabling them to fulfil their true potential.
  •  To help children understand the world in which they live and to have respect for and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life.
  •  To encourage parents/carers to play a positive and active role in educating their child through the teaching of mutual respect and by working in true partnership with the school.
  • To encourage the development of self-discipline and self-esteem, promoting high expectations, fairness, justice, high standards of behaviour, confidence, respect and a sense of responsibility towards others and the environment.
  •  To teach thoroughly the key skills, concepts and knowledge in a balanced and disciplined way, whilst developing an enquiring mind, independence and a love of learning which will equip our children for all future learning.
  •  To use appropriate assessment procedures in order to ensure that the children’s progress is monitored and future developments are suitable to their needs.
  •  To ensure that all staff are aware of their role within the school and that their work and enthusiasm is valued.  Their continuing professional development is essential to the success of the school and is therefore a priority issue.
  •   To strive in developing links with our neighbouring schools to ensure progression and continuity in our children’s education, and with the local community.

As a Church of England school, we have close links with All Saints Church, and we seek to develop a spiritual ethos built upon the Christian Faith.

Recognising its historic foundation, the school will develop and preserve its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the church at parish and diocesan level.


The school encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

‘The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our children’.

Bless me now as
I go into your world,
let me feel your love,
experience your forgiveness,
and sense your power
within me.


Give me your understanding so
that I may understand others.
Shower upon me your
hope, your peace, your joy.


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