Wednesday 9th March

The Lion King!


Report by Cole, Tianie, Jamie and Ellie. 5L


On Wednesday 9th March 54 children from choir went to London to see The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre. The coach arrived at school at 9am so we got on and started the big day.


When we arrived in London on the way to the theatre we saw The London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We were all so excited about it and when we arrived at the theatre we were all jumping up and down! The theatre was huge and looked very posh. There were a lot of people queuing to go in and it all looked amazing.


Suddenly the lights went down and the show started.  Rafiki was singing Nants Ingonya Babakithi Baba (it means Here Comes the Lion, My People). We were shocked when all the singers and the animals, including an elephant, came down behind us. It was amazing! They all sang The Circle of Life. 25 different animals were on stage and some were wearing beautiful masks on top of their heads to show who they were.  Although the masks looked very heavy, Mufasa’s only weighed 11 ounces and Scar’s even less, 9.5 ounces. It was really cool how they had made all the costumes and the hats which showed the characters. The giraffes were 18 feet tall!


The scenery was wonderful and they used 700 different shades of lights. There were also lots of African drums called talking drums, shekere, conga and caxixi. During the interval we all had an ice cream, a drink of water and a book about the show.


We all had different favourite parts; Cole liked the hyenas best, Jamie liked Timone and Pumbaa and Tianie’s was the song  ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’.


It was an amazing day. On the way home we saw the London Eye again, Hyde Park and The Shard. We arrived back at 9.50pm, tired but it was all worth it!


Now we are looking forward to putting on the show ourselves in June.




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  • Mrs Bolton says:

    Well done children, I hear your behaviour was exemplary and that you did us proud.
    I just can’t wait to see you all in action in our show.

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