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Fire Safety

Learning about fire and how to keep safe.

FS1 – Fire Safety

FS1 had an exciting morning making a fire in our playground. There had been a lot of talk about bonfire night so we decided to have our own and learn how to be safe around fire.
First we went on a ‘stick hunt’ around the school. Then we took the sticks back to the Nursery garden where we sorted them into big sticks and little sticks. We built a wall to stand behind to keep us safe, and made a line of crates to sit on. We got emergency water ready, just like fire-fighters, so we could put out the fire if we needed to.
We had a fantastic time listening to the crackling of the fire, looking at the beautiful patterns from the flames and the smoke, smelling the air and feeling the heat. It was a sensory adventure! When we’d finished we put the fire out and heard the fizz and saw steam rising as the water evaporated (“like a cloud”, as a couple of children said).
A great morning!​
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